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Man received message from neighbor

A man received a message from his neighbor:
Sorry sir, I am using your wife… day and night.. when you are not present at home… In fact, much more than you do.
I confess this now because I am feeling very guilty. Hope you will accept my sincere apologies.

The man shot his wife..
A few minutes later he received another message:
Sorry sir, a spelling mistake.. I meant wifi.

Flight Announcement

PIA ki Flight me Captain Anouncment k bad mike Off krna bhoL gaya…

Captain apne co-pilot se: Ab me 1 cup coffee piyun ga phr Air hostess ko kiss kroga.

ye sun kr 1 air hostes mike OFF krne bhagi to gir gai.

Sath betha pthan: O Khuda Ka Bandi Aram se Jao pehle wo cofee piye ga….

President Bush Had a Dream

Former King of Iraq Saddam Hussein phoned American President Bush and said, “Mr. George Bush, I am calling you because I had this beautiful and incredible dream last night. Well, I can see all America, and it is much more beautiful and on top of every tall building, there was a beautiful big banner.”

Bush asked, “Can you tell me what was on the banner?”

Saddam responded, “Banner said Allah is God, and God is Allah.”

Silly Bush replied, “You know, President Saddam, I’m really happy that you called, because last night I had a dream too. In my dream I could see all of Baghdad, and it was even much more beautiful than before the war. It had been completely rebuilt with tall buildings and beautiful localities, and on every tall building there was also a beautiful big banner.”

Saddam said, “What was on the banner saying?”

Bush replied, “I don’t know as I can’t read Hebrew.”

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